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  Welcome to IAFF Local S20

FSFSA Update/ Thank you

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Nationwide is on YOUR side!!

We have updated all of our information for Nationwide Retirement Solutions on our website.  We have added important information to two (2) major changes that could have an impact on our retirement and retirees.  We have also added links to enroll into The State of Florida's Deferred Compensation Program.  I encourage all members and non to invest into your future.  Even a small $25 payroll deduction now from every check will have a lasting impact on your quality of life at retirement.  At a minimum it cost you nothing to talk to Nationwide and see what options you have available to you.  Nationwide is the ONLY deferred compensation company that gives back to the IAFF and provides other financial services via the IAFF Financial Corporation.  Take 5 minutes and check it out by CLICKING HERE



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Welcome to the Florida State Fire Service Association's website,

we appreciate your time and attention.

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About us

Our organization is dedicated to representing state employees whose job duties center on the protection and well being of the citizens of Florida. Our members include Fire service personnel from 5 state agencies.

Firefighters from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Florida Forest Service. Forestry firefighters provide wildland fire protection, expertise with prescribed fire for private landowners and disaster response to the public in the State of Florida. They also regularly provide firefighting personnel to fight wildfires all over the United States. Florida wildfires Google

Fire service personnel from the Department of Financial Services. These fire professionals include fire training professionals from the Florida State Fire College located in Lowell Forida and Fire Protection Specialists assigned to the State Fire Marshal's Office. These professionals provide training & certification for fire service personnel from throughout the state as well as inspection of all state facilities around the state. In addition they provide emergency disaster response teams (RIAT) and SAR for the all too frequent natural disasters that occur in Florida.

Firefighters from the Department of Children and Families. These structural firefighters provide fire and EMS services to the Florida State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee Florida and surrounding area.


Fire Protection Specialists assigned to the Agency for Health Care Administration. These fire professionals are responsible for ensuring the fire safety of all hospitals and nursing homes throughout the state.

Firefighters from the Department of Military Affairs. These professionals provide firefighting services at Camp Blanding. Camp Blanding is a large National Guard base located near Stark.

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